Theresa Viera has an intimate knowledge of the North Carolina family court system, unfortunately, due to growing up in an environment of domestic violence. Her mother eventually had a strong voice of a family law attorney to feel confident and even able to create a sense of trust and belief that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Theresa's decision to became a family law attorney was deeply personal, because of her belief that the court system should not be designed in a way to further victimize or encourage violence due to apathy based on technicalities. She wants to use the knowledge she has gained to help others and create a ripple of positive change in the court system. She has spent her career making a difference for each person she represents, due to her mother's inspiration and being introduced to counsel early on.

She attended George Washington University in Washington, DC. After focusing studies on psychology and conflict resolution, she was able to pursue a law degree. at the University of North Carolina School of Law in Chapel Hill.

As a family law attorney, she helps clients navigate the legal system when their family and the law collide. Although many cases can be resolved outside of the courts with the skillful use of mediation, collaborative law, or negotiations, some cases will end up before the Judge. She ensures client rights are protected both outside and inside the courtroom. She hopes to be an inspiration to her clients as her mother’s attorney was to her.