We are a justice system organization (non-profit) formed in 2004 by a group of civic leaders, lawyers, business owners and concerned citizens in North Carolina who understand the rule of law is the bedrock of our civilized society, that a healthy court system is critical to safeguarding this foundation and that the effective and efficient administration of justice is essential to a strong, prosperous and vibrant community.

We develop programming to address the deficits in the public’s understanding and appreciation for the rule of law and the role of courts in our republican form of government. We demonstrate the inextricable connection between each individual’s and each community’s quality of life and the courts’ ability to fairly adjudicate legal rights. We seek to ensure that the judicial branch receives the funding it needs to provide timely access to justice for all and defend against policies that undermine the independence, fairness, or integrity of the courts. We raise money to use as seed funding to initiate smarter and innovative judicial programs and services that build public trust and confidence in our courts and we study new ideas about justice and our courts with our academic partners.

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Our mission is to educate the community about the court system and to advocate, support and advance its needs and interests.

Our vision is a court system that delivers the highest quality justice resulting in community trust and confidence.


  • To educate and advocate regarding the needs of court system within the State of North Carolina.
  • To advance reforms related to the North Carolina Judicial Branch's organization, structure and/or administration.
  • To raise seed money to initiate smarter and innovative judicial programs and services within affiliated North Carolina judicial districts consistent with abilities and resources.
  • To receive, hold and disburse funds donated by individuals, foundations, corporations, and governmental entities that are earmarked for particular offices, programs and/or services within affiliated North Carolina judicial districts.

Thank You for Your Vital Support!

Our individual, corporate and restaurant sponsors are the lifeblood of this organization. We can better fight for justice because of you.