The public's active involvement with the judicial branch of government is critical to address the issues and opportunities that exist. JI exists as a conduit through which a connection between individual quality of life, the health of our society, and the health of our courts is demonstated, and an appropriate space for tangible action on the part of the public exists. Our motto "Justice Begins With You," is a clarion call to civic-mindedness and an invitation for the public to use their time, talent and treasure to help JI carry out its mission and vision to create better courts and thereby a better society. Here are ways that you can get involved:


The important work that JI has been able to accomplish over the last decade is due largely to our dedicated, working volunteer board. If judicial advocacy, fundraising, event planning, educating the public about the importance of our courts, and promoting civic-mindedness among peers is of interest to you, learn more HERE and submit a letter of interest to


Volunteers are vital to the work of this organization, and we have opportunities that are event-based or skill-based to utilize a wide variety of skill-sets and to demonstrate up close why our courts matter! View our volunteer opportunities HERE or propose your own ideas to us at


Each semester JI offers space in our program for undergraduate and graduate students to explore experiential learning and cooperative education experiences around the founding, operations, function, issues and opportunities in the local judicial branch of government.

Our post-secondary partnerships have included UNC-Charlotte, CPCC, and Johnson C. Smith University. Both Undergraduate and Graduate students who have interned with JI have had majors in Public Administration, Public Policy, Communications, Finance, Business Administration, Law/Pre-Law, Political Science, and more. Learn more and apply for an internship HERE or our Court Ambassador Program HERE.


One of the most powerful ways to ensure that JI's work continues and expands is through making a financial donation. Unrestricted dollars allow us to make the best use of the funds and attribute to the area of greatest needs, but donations may be made to specific programs, services of affiliate locations.  There are also opportunities for corporate sponsorship of programs, events and efforts to not only support our work, but to also advertise your organization. Please contact us at or view the icon below to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

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Learn more about individually contributing HERE or via the icon below and thank you for your consideration!