Justice Initiatives, Inc. was formed in 2004 by a group of community and justice system leaders in North Carolina who believe that Mecklenburg County deserves nothing less than a world-class court system. They are committed to tirelessly advocating for increased funding to the judicial branch and for raising seed money needed for the continued development of innovative programs and services that have brought forth national recognition and admiration.

The intern will assist in the overall management of the organization, perform administrative responsibilities, attend meetings, take minutes, conduct research, and execute various clerical duties. The intern will also help as needed with special projects and event planning involving Justice Initiatives, Inc.

Law students and/or graduate or undergraduate students majoring in Communications, English, Marketing, Public Relations, or Public Administration preferred. Must possess strong oral and written communications skills and excellent interpersonal skills. A working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Excel required. A working knowledge of Facebook and other social media, as well as Constant Contact is also helpful. Event planning experience is also preferred. A commitment of ten to fifteen hours per week is required. The work schedule will include a combination of on-site and remote working. Students with a history of community service, good character and suitable academic performance are preferred.

Internship Testimonials
"I’m truly grateful for my time as a JI intern. The opportunity to explore and expand on work-related interests while building my resume catapulted me into my career.  Not only did I gain a depth of insight into our justice system and working in the nonprofit sector, but was also provided valuable career coaching I would not have been able to get elsewhere."

-- Katelyn Lee, 2016 -17 Intern

"Interning with the Trial Court Administrator’s office is an incredibly rewarding experience. I began working for Mr. Nuccio after completing my first year and will continue into the fall semester of my 2L year. Over the past three months I have had the opportunity to see the inner workings of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse from “behind the scenes”. This unique internship has taught me about the administrative aspects of the law that I could not have received in any other setting. I also worked with Justice Initiatives, Inc.(JI). Assisting with JI exposed me to an array of networking opportunities and gave me a true sense of how members of a legal community can change the effectiveness of their Court system for the better. Looking back over the past three months, I cannot imagine spending my 1L summer any other way."

-- Abbey Mrkus, 2013-14 Intern

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