Moore & Van Allen, PLLC


Josh Lanning brings considerable litigation experience to his cases with a wide-ranging background in complex commercial disputes and substantial tort claims. Lanning has represented plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts throughout North Carolina as well as in a number of other jurisdictions, having litigated
significant disputes on behalf of his clients in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York,
New Jersey, Florida, Maine, Georgia, Utah, Nebraska, Texas, and Louisiana. In addition, Lanning has managed multiple internal investigations for clients including Fortune 500 companies and local government bodies. In the courtroom, Lanning has tried numerous cases to court decision or jury verdict and has successfully argued state and federal appeals in areas ranging from constitutional law to securities entitlements. Lanning focuses his practice on commercial litigation including matters involving complex contractual disputes; fraud and other business torts; Civil RICO; unfair commercial practices; securities fraud; intellectual property; and fiduciary duties. His clients are a diverse set of people and businesses ranging from individuals and families to large national banking institutions.

In addition, Lanning has made pro bono matters an important part of his litigation
practice. His experience includes representing prisoners in need of adequate medical
care; advocating for special needs children requesting special education services under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; helping battered spouses obtain protective orders; representing families facing eviction; and assisting in obtaining debt relief for low-income families who were victims of a nationwide fraud ring. 

Josh joined the JI board in April 2018 and he continues a long history that JI has with Moore & Van Allen, PLLC.