JI serves as the vanguard for judicial branch support, as one of the three cornerstones of our representative democracy. We provide internal programs, services and generate support for external initiatives, that exemplify our mission via the four tenets:



The first tenet of our mission is to EDUCATE the public regarding the organization, structure, role and responsibility of the court system. Learn more about the programs and services through which we enact this aspect of our mission HERE.





The second tenet of our mission is to ADVOCATE, which we accomplish through writing, calling and visiting members of the North Carolina legislature; petitioning news and print media to hear our vantage points; as well as through the use of social media to connect the public to information about the judiciary that requires action. Learn more HERE.




The third tenet of our mission is SUPPORT, where we both provide seed funding for innovative programs aligned with our mission; we receive and hold funds for organizations as a fiscal sponsor/agent; and we raise funds to support proven and sustainable efforts to ensure the courts operate more effectively and efficiently. Learn more HERE.





The fourth tenet of JI's mission is to ADVANCE technological, procedural and policy initiatives that assist in improving access to justice for all. Click HERE or the icon at right for more information.