Sodoma Law, PC


I grew up in Mooresville, North Carolina, and I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law. Before law school, I studied economics and finance at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Through my law school experiences, I developed a strong background in advocacy and leadership. I was honored to receive the CALI Award. CALI is a not for profit consortium of law schools in the U.S. that conducts applied research and development in the area of legal education. Recipients are identified by faculty and given to the highest scorer. In addition to my focus on academics, I served as the Student Bar Association’s president, and as a student member of the John Belton O’Neall American Inn of Court. I was actively involved in and received a leadership certification from the Konduros Leadership Development Program further equipping me with creativity, strategic thinking and problem-solving strategies in order to best help my clients with his or her evolving environments. Lastly, I have a background in legislative research from my tenure with the South Carolina Legislative Council.

Growing up, my father often shared stories of his own broken family and how that shaped him growing up. He told me about his immigrant father who struggled to adapt to the ideals of an American nuclear family when he initially married my grandmother, the personal struggles and economic hardships that my grandmother faced as a young single mother, and the stress involved with communication between divorced co-parents. Learning from these stories and understanding why my own father worked so hard to provide for our family, I gained my passion for the practice of family law – an opportunity to counsel those adapting to similar situations that my own father, my grandparents and so many others face.

(excerpted from Sodoma Law, PC website)